The Cowboy Boot Anatomy

The Cowboy Boot Anatomy

When you are ordering a pair of custom cowboy boots, it helps to have a good understanding of cowboy boot anatomy. Old Country has provided this quick but thorough tutorial outlining the various parts and their purposes so that you can have a more knowledgeable, rewarding conversation with your bootmaker.

  • Shaft
  • Vamp
  • Counter
  • Instep
  • Last
  • Piping
  • Toe Box
  • Pull Strap
  • Heel
  • Outsole
  • Midsole
  • Welt

Shaft: The Largest Vertical Part Of The Boot

The shaft is a piece of leather that wraps around your leg from the heel to the top.

Vamp: Covering The Top Of Your Toes And Foot

When you look down at your feet, you want the toe medallion or stitching to stand out against the beauty of the leather the vamp is made of.

Counter: Reinforcing Your Heel Cup

A quality counter prevents the leather covering your heel from sagging or collapsing with wear. It can be detailed with stitching or left plain.

Instep: Leaving Room For The Height Of Your Foot

Not everyone has the same arch and instep, which is why your custom cowboy boots are measured to fit your foot perfectly. A properly sized instep means that your foot slides right around the angle without extra effort or pain.

Piping: Beautiful Details That Also Function

The piece of leather that wraps around to form the shaft has a seam where the ends of the leather are joined. The piping is the decorative stitching that forms the seam and adds interest to the design.

Toe Box: Room For Your Toes To Move

Some boots have pointed or very wide round toes. While the exterior of the toe is part of the custom design, the toe box is built so that your feet have room to breathe and move, preventing calluses and hammer toes.

Pull Strap: Put On Your Boots In Seconds

It helps to have something to pull on when putting on your boots. The pull straps are positioned at the top of either side of the shaft and can include decorative stitching.

Heel: Adding Style And Function

Made out of stacked leather, the heel can simply look great or give you the extra grip required to stay in the stirrups while at a gallop.

Outsole: Sturdy Support For The Entire Boot

This is the piece of leather that touches the ground. It is cut to perfectly fit the boot and your foot.

Midsole: A Hidden Cushion

When you slide your foot into any boot or shoe and find a supportive cushion hidden beneath the insole, that is the midsole. It is commonly made of leather as it will form to your foot over time.

Welt: Connecting All The Parts

When you look down at your toes and see a neat line of stitching, you are looking at the welt. It is the piece that connects the upper parts of the boot to the sole and heel.

Last: A Template For Your Boots

The last is a customizable template to help create the shape of your boots. Its form provides support, shape, and size, so the leather is bent, stitched, and formed into a cowboy boot built precisely for your foot.

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