Our Custom Boot Making Process

If you want footwear that can stand up to tough work, last for years, and look and feel good in the process, then custom-made cowboy boots from Old Country in Las Vegas, NV are the way to go. Once you learn the steps in the boot making process, you’ll appreciate the value of the investment.

Our Custom Boot Making Process 

  1. Make Your Leather & Detail Selections
  2. Get Measured For A Custom Fit
  3. We Create & Decorating The Uppers
  4. Next, We Craft The Lowers
  5. We Make The Insoles & Start Assembly
  6. Lastly, We Attach The Outsole & Heel

1. Select The Shape, Style, Materials & Details

The first step in customizing cowboy boots begins with your selections. You can choose from round, pointed, or square toes and from cowboy heels or the flatter Fowler heel. 

Next Is Choosing The Right Leather

We offer more than 25 different types of animal skins, including ostrich, alligator, python, and cowhide. All our leather choices are supplied through partners that only use ethical sourcing practices to provide us with the best quality from the right source. 

Choose from rich browns, warm russets, and deep blacks. The top of the shaft can be made straight across or with a scallop anywhere from one to six inches deep. And then there are the stitching patterns.

2. We Carefully Measure For A Custom Fit

The next step in the boot making process is to take all the measurements needed to ensure a comfortable custom fit. We’ll trace and measure both feet in several places to find the last (a form that’s shaped like a human foot) with the closest fit. We painstakingly build the shape out for as close a match as possible to your foot.

We then create patterns for the uppers and vamps (the lowers) and cut them out of the leather.

3. Creating & Decorating Cowboy Boot Uppers

Now it’s time for the decorative work to start on the uppers of each boot. We place the pattern that you selected over your choice of leather and chalk over the perforated holes.

Our bootmakers use a hand-operated machine to carefully stitch onto the chalk, meticulously controlling each stitch.

4. Crafting The Vamps On Your New Western Boots

The vamps are placed over a crimp board, wetted, and allowed to dry to ensure that the stretch is removed, and your boots will keep their shape. The vamps, liners, and shaft are then sewn together and dried overnight on boards and fitted over the last. A toe box is added for strength.

5. Making Your Custom Insole & Assembling The Boot

We then create the insole, the linchpin for fit. We hand-punch holes in the insole so that wooden pegs can be used during assembly; no nails are used in traditional western boots.

The shaft and insole are sewn together over the last, a process that can take half a day.

6. Attaching The Outsole & Heel

After a shank is added, the outsole is attached to the boot with pegs. The heel is constructed by stacking pieces of leather, pegging them in place, trimming, and finishing.

Order Your Custom Made Boots In Las Vegas

At Old Country, we’re devoted to the craft of high-quality boot making in the classic tradition. To schedule a fitting for your handcrafted boots, contact us in Las Vegas, Nevada today.

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