Custom Cowboy Boots Vs Store Bought

Custom Cowboy Boots Vs Store Bought

At first glance, you might not see any difference between custom made cowboy boots compared to store bought cowboy boots, but there are some major differences. The styles may be similar but the materials used are very different. There are many advantages to a custom pair of cowboy boots from Old Country Boots in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Custom Design
  • Custom Fit
  • Durability
  • All Leather Product

Custom Cowboy Boot Design

Store bought boots are limited by the styles and designs in stock. Often you will have to sacrifice either design or comfort when you buy. However, when you purchase a pair of custom made cowboy boots, they are designed for you, and you can customize them to your style.

  • Leather Choices
  • Stitching Styles
  • Toe Box Shapes
  • Heel Styles
  • Color Choices

The possibilities are endless, and the result will be more personal than any off-the-shelf stock boots.

The Perfect Fit For Your Feet

Ill-fitting boots can cause all kinds of problems for you, such as bunions and corns. They affect your posture and can cause knee and back pain. In contrast, custom gives you the comfort that comes with fine craftsmanship. Each pair is specifically measured to your foot, so you don’t have to choose between a tight or loose pair.

Whether dancing, working, or horseback riding, your feet will be comfortable for hours, and you know they will fit the way they are meant to.

Custom Cowboy Boots Are Durable With Great Value

Mass manufacturers fill their boots with cardboard and other synthetic materials, which causes them to wear out a lot sooner than expected. However, custom cowboy boots are made with 100% leather products for all parts of the boot, making them more durable than any store bought option.

  • Pullstraps
  • Piping
  • Side Welt
  • Counter
  • Spur Ridge
  • Heel
  • Interior & Exterior Sole
  • Toe
  • Crown

When you consider the construction of a well-made cowboy boot, there is great value in the material and the life of each pair of handmade cowboy boots.

Custom Cowboy Boots Are Worth The Investment

Cowboy boots are a timeless style of footwear that never goes out of fashion. You can be confident that your custom-made boots are made to last and can be designed for various occasions. When you invest in a pair of custom made cowboy boots, you will never buy store bought again.

Buy What Fits Not What Works

Stop wading through hundreds of pairs of cowboy boots to settle on a pair that isn’t everything that you want. In Las Vegas, NV, Old Country boots can make the best pair of boots you have ever worn. Contact us to start the fitting and design process for your next pair of cowboy boots.

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Custom Fit & Craftsmanship

All of our creations are custom and made to order. When you choose Old Country, you are choosing superior quality and a one-of-a-kind experience. Learn more about how we make our custom, handmade cowboy boots right here in Las Vegas. 

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