Kangaroo Leather Custom Cowboy Boots

Custom Kangaroo Leather Cowboy Boots

When you want to add a pair of custom cowboy boots in kangaroo leather to your shoe closet, you only need to look as far as Old Country Boots serving our neighbors in Clark County, NV.

The Perks Of Kangaroo For Boots

Folks that select kangaroo skin to craft a unique pair of boots are treated to a durable, flexible, and lightweight material. Spend all day on your feet and experience less fatigue, as the light leather supports your active lifestyle. The thinner hide also means your feet stay cooler under the desert sun. Best of all, its beauty will complement and add style to your daily wardrobe.

  • Timeless Appearance
  • Light & Thin
  • Hardworking
  • Uniform Graining

What Makes Kangaroo Skin Unique?

Kangaroos require great flexibility and strength to hop across the open plains of Australia. The extra collagen needed to support massive muscles also appears in their skin, which tans into soft, supple leather, unlike thicker, tougher cowhides. That flexibility also translates into visible graining, an attractive difference in roo leather.

Custom Cowboy Boots That Build A Gorgeous Patina

Since kangaroo is a thinner hide, it will crease as you put your boots to work. The creases darken with age, lending each pair its own story over time. If you desire footwear that will only get better as it ages through the seasons with you, this is the perfect material.

Popular Colors Of Kangaroo Leather

The natural kangaroo hide is much like deer in its untreated appearance. Hides are dyed to offer a wealth of options for you to consider. No two hides are exactly alike.

Always Ethically Sourced So You Shop With Confidence

It may sound exotic to use kangaroo for your boots, but in Australia, the animal is as common as deer are in America. We only work with suppliers committed to an ethical and sustainable relationship with this wild creature.

Craft Your K-Leather Boots In Your Favorite Style

Just as with any other boot we make, you get to choose the stitching style, toe shape, scalloping, and heel. The result is a stunning pair of footwear you’ll wear with pride for years.

Schedule Your Initial Custom Boot Consultation Today

Would you like to see all the options of K-leather we have available for a new pair of boots? Contact Old Country Boots to reserve your visit to our shop in Las Vegas, or start your custom boots with a phone call.

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Custom Fit & Craftsmanship

All of our creations are custom and made to order. When you choose Old Country, you are choosing superior quality and a one-of-a-kind experience. Learn more about how we make our custom, handmade cowboy boots right here in Las Vegas. 

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