Shark Skin Custom Cowboy Boots

Shark Skin Custom Cowboy Boots

When you order a pair of custom cowboy boots from Old Country Boots in Clark County, Nevada, you will need to choose the toe shape, the heel height, and, most importantly, the type of leather you prefer. Have you considered shark skin?

Benefits of Shark Skin Leather

  • Water-Resistant
  • Pebbled Texture
  • Flexibility
  • Distinctive Appearance

Shark Leather Is Water-Resistant

Because sharks are aquatic creatures, their skins are naturally resistant to water. However, remember that even if the skin does not absorb water, the finish on your footwear might still be susceptible to water damage. So think about where you plan to wear your boots and talk to us about the finish you need.

Shark Skin Has A Pebbled Texture

Natural shark skin is covered with small but tough scales, but most tanneries will smooth down these scales so that the leather has a softer pebbled texture. This is an excellent texture for boots because it provides some added scratch resistance.

Shark Leather Is Flexible

Because shark skin scales are minuscule, the leather will be more flexible than you might expect from such a scaly creature. In addition, the sanding process that softens the skin has the additional benefit of adding flexibility.

Shark Skin Boots Have A Distinctive Appearance

The eye-catching texture of shark leather is very different from land animal hides. Its rugged and wrinkled appearance will give you a distinctive pair of cowboy boots. Many people choose this rustic but elegant leather for their dressier pair of boots.

Different Grades Of Shark Leathers

Wild shark skins will vary in quality, so they are graded from 1 to 4 to indicate their condition, based on how many scratches, bites, or scars appear on them. Thus, a grade 1 skin will have none of these markings, but a grade 4 will have multiple marks. Bite marks are common on these wild hides because sharks fight with each other, and their mating rituals include biting.

Is Shark Leather Ethical?

Yes. Our leathers are all ethically sourced. Most shark leather used in footwear is a by-product of the food industry.

Order Your Shark Skin Custom Cowboy Boots

Give us a call if you are considering ordering a custom pair of cowboy boots for work or dress wear. In addition to shark skin, Old Country Boots offers many other leather options (including deer, ostrich, python, and elephant). Reach out to us or drop by our Las Vegas location today.

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