Deerskin Custom Cowboy Boots

Deer Skin Custom Cowboy Boots

Deer custom cowboy boots are comfortable and stylish yet durable enough to last for years. Deerskin is a popular leather choice because they are breathable, offering the wearer warmth in the winter and cool in the Las Vegas summer.

What Is Deerskin Leather?

Deerskin leather is created from deer hide and is a soft, durable leather often used in shoes, boots, coats, and handbags. It can come in a variety of textures and colors due to the variety of deer species found in nature. This leather is not mass produced, so it offers exclusivity and luxury to the wearer with deep roots in North American history.

The History Behind The Leather

A common material in Native American Cultures became a trade commodity in the late 1600s. European settlers began trading manufactured goods for the deerskin, and soon it would be one of the leading colonial exports of the time. Although the traditional manufacturing of this leather has changed, the soft feel and comfort have not, and it is still prominent in clothing, shoes, and accessories today.

Why Choose Deerskin?

The structure of deerskin is unlike other types of animal skins and offers the wearer a lot of versatility. It is durable while lightweight and provides greater protection than other leather options. This premium leather option is perfect for custom cowboy and cowgirl boots with a soft glove-like fit.

  • Wearable All Year Long
  • Soft And Comfortable
  • Flexibility For Long Wear
  • Quick And Easy To Break In
  • Perfect For All Conditions

Wearable All Year Long

Deerskin leather is ideal for all seasons and climates due to its breathable nature. The fiber structure allows you maximum protection and warmth during the cold winter months, yet it stays cool during the summer heat.

Soft And Comfortable

Once you slide on your boots, your feet will be delighted there is no roughness in the fit. Much like deerskin gloves, you will feel the sturdiness of the leather without choking your feet as it conforms to your foot shape and moves with you. It will even get softer as it ages.

Flexibility For Long Wear

The flexibility of the material allows you a cozy fit for hours on end and can keep your feet from filling pinched or cramped throughout your workday. It’s also lightweight, keeping the feeling of your footwear holding you back.

Quick And Easy To Break In

As a softer leather, breaking in deerskin boots is quick and easy because they wrap around the foot without the stiffness of other leathers. You might not expect such a durable leather would be this easy to break in.

Perfect For All Conditions

It may not seem like it, but this leather is made for all conditions as it can get wet and dry soft without losing texture or compromising its shape. Its pliability also allows the leather to stretch and move when needed but spring back to form when done.

Customize Your Deerskin Boots

You can customize your handcrafted boots to fit your style with toe shape, stitching, beading, heel height, scallops, and medallion sizes. Whether you need a good pair of cowboy boots for those long days or you want to make an impression during a night on the town, our custom boot makers can create the perfect boot with the perfect fit. All of our leathers are ethically sourced for your peace of mind.

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Old Country in Las Vegas takes pride in creating one-of-a-kind custom boots and leather products. See all our leather options and schedule your consolation for your high-quality custom deer cowboy boots.

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