Cowhide Skin Custom Cowboy Boots

Custom Cowhide Cowboy Boots

Cowhide is one of the most common choices for custom cowboy boot materials. Whether you are shopping for stylish boots to make a fashion statement or a sturdy pair of outdoor work boots, this material always seems to be at the top of the list of options. In fact, archeologists tell us that the oldest shoe in the world was made of cowhide. What is cowhide leather, and why is it so popular for shoes?

What Is Cowhide?

Cowhide is precisely what it sounds like:  the hide of a bovine animal. It is the natural, unbleached, tanned hide of a cow. The typical tanning process begins by removing the hair from the hide and then goes on to soak the hide in a solution of acids, salts, and minerals. There is also a lesser-used tanning method called “vegetable tanning” that uses natural items such as tree roots and vegetables in the tanning solution.

Manufacturers of this leather seek to reduce waste by using hides sourced from the beef industry. In addition to boots, cowhide is also used to make furniture, purses, wallets, belts, car interiors, and home accessories.

How Does Cowhide Compare To Other Leathers?

Cowhide has a long history as a traditional material for cowboy boots. Of course, the hides of cows were readily available to cowboys in the Old West, and they are still relatively easy to source. Cowhide is more durable than lambskin, sheepskin, or goatskin. It is softer than horsehide.

Because it is one of the thicker leathers, it is warmer than most other options. Cowhide costs less than more exotic leathers. It can even be printed to look like a more expensive leather.

Why Is Cowhide A Good Choice For Cowboy Boots?

Cowhide boots are always in style, but they offer far more than timeless fashion. You can depend on your cowhide boots to last for years. They are also:

  • Warm
  • Sturdy & Durable
  • Flexible
  • Unlikely To Tear or Puncture
  • Excellent For Outdoor Work
  • Easy To Break-In
  • Water-Resistant
  • Available In Different Finishes and Grades

Custom Cowhide Cowboy Boots In The Las Vegas Area

Check out our other leather choices at Old Country in Clark County, Nevada today. We offer a wide variety of styles and options for handmade custom cowboy boots. Our artisans have many years of experience in making boots, purses, and wallets from a variety of leathers. You can count on Old Country for dependable quality and classic style.



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