Calf Leather Custom Cowboy Boots

Custom Calf Cowboy Boots

Calfskin leather is an excellent choice for custom boots in Las Vegas, Nevada. Of course, in our desert climate, you will need durable footwear, but you will probably not choose to wear the heaviest or thickest leather. Instead, calfskin may be just what you need.

What Is Calf Leather?

As you might expect, calfskin or simply calf leather is made from the hides of juvenile cattle. It is often used in bookbinding, shoes, wallets, and upscale clothing. It is also one of the skins used to make vellum and parchment. Calfskin usually comes from South America or Europe.

Why Is Calfskin So Great For Custom Cowboy Boots?

Calf leather has all the characteristics you want in a pair of cowboy or cowgirl boots.

  • Soft
  • Lightweight
  • Fine Grain
  • Durable

Calf Leather Is A Soft Choice For Your Custom Boots

Calfskin will give you a soft fit if you are looking for comfortable boots. In addition, the light weight of this material makes it wearable in all seasons. Hides from younger animals will have a finer grain than those of older cattle. Some wearers have found that calf hide is better for dress boots, while cowhide is a good choice for work boots.

This Leather Offers Durability You Can Count On

The tighter grain makes calfskin more durable than cowhide of the same thickness. Your footwear’s durability will be influenced by how the leather is tanned, how the shoes are constructed, and even the humidity of where you store them. Talk to your bootmaker about all the details.

How Is Calfskin Leather Ethically Sourced?

Old Country is proud to offer only ethically sourced products. To be “ethically sourced,” cattle hides must come from animals not raised for the beef industry or raised primarily for their pelts. This means that they succumbed to natural causes.

We Offer Several Different Materials And Custom Boot Styles

In addition to choosing the material of your footwear, ordering a pair of custom boots will allow you to choose the heel height, the toe shape, the stitching, and the medallions. Will you be wearing these as work shoes or dress boots? Again, your bootmaker will help you make all the right choices.

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Start planning your custom footwear today at Old Country in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our family-owned business is proud to offer American-made leather goods. Our bootmakers have years of experience, and you will feel the difference in fit and quality.

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All of our creations are custom and made to order. When you choose Old Country, you are choosing superior quality and a one-of-a-kind experience. Learn more about how we make our custom, handmade cowboy boots right here in Las Vegas. 

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