Caiman Skin Custom Cowboy Boots

Custom Caiman Skin Cowboy Boots

There’s nothing like a pair of handmade boots made from genuine caiman leather to help you get things done in Clark County, Nevada. Boots made from caiman skin are durable, protective, and visually appealing. They come in different textures and colors, making it ideal leather for custom boots that fit right and look great.

At Old Country Boots, we offer this exotic leather as an option for a pair of our custom-made boots. There is nothing like the feel of caiman skin on a pair of custom boots that fit your feet perfectly. Check out the different types and why it works so well for cowboy boots.

What Is A Caiman?

A caiman is a crocodilian found in Mexico, Central, and South America. They belong to the American alligator family, but are much smaller than the alligators found in the U.S. Wild caiman populations are declining, and the ones used for leather production are captive-bred and farm-raised.

Caiman Leather Types

Caiman skins come in different types of cuts that come from different areas of the crocodilian’s body. Each section of the skin has unique properties that provide different types of protection, flexibility, and overall wear qualities.

  • Belly
  • Hornback
  • Tail


The belly of the caiman is the flattest of the skin textures, although it’s not completely smooth. It has a tighter scale pattern and a stronger structure than other alligator skins. The belly is also the softest portion of the hide, making it perfect for cowboy boots. It takes dyes well, comes in a variety of colors and shades, and can be easily polished to a high gloss.


The Hornback cut comes from the back of the caiman and has ridges that resemble horns. This cut of leather is highly textured, which makes a boot stand out and look good. In terms of color and shine, it is the same as the belly.


The tail portion of a caiman’s skin has a similar appearance to the belly but features a wider scale pattern and horns. The horns on the tail aren’t as tall as those on the back. However, they still protrude from the top of the hide, giving the boot texture and visual interest.

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