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Alligator Skin Boots LV

If you’re looking for custom alligator skin cowboy boots in Clark County, Nevada, Old Country is the place to go. The complex pattern, deep texture, and flexibility of gator hide make custom boots that will stand out in any crowd and provide long-lasting style and comfort.

Types Of Crocodilian Leather

Alligators are crocodilians, and around the world, there are over 20 different species of crocodile. Not all of these animals have skin that’s used for leather. There are three main types of crocodilian leather: American alligator, Caiman, and, Nile crocodile from Egypt.

What Are The Advantages Of Alligator Skin Leather?

Many exotic types of leather can look beautiful and create unique cowboy boots, cowgirl boots, and other types of custom boots But there’s no mistaking the patterns and texture of genuine gator skin. Some of the advantages of custom gator boots include:

Size: Alligators average 7 feet in length when mature, providing wide sections of skin to use in unique cowboy boot designs.
Feel: Gator skin is softer and more flexible than other similar reptilian leathers.
Look: Scale and hide patterns are beautiful, with natural enamel that can be enhanced to a high gloss.

Where Does Alligator Skin Leather Come From?

The American alligator was put on the Endangered Species list in the 1960s, but its population has increased. Now, gators are a species of “least concern.” There are about 5 million in the U.S. southeast states, and about 1.3 million of them live in Florida.

Alligator meat and skin primarily come from breeding farms in Louisiana where the animal’s skin is protected from damage. Hunters trap wild, nuisance gators, but only about 5 percent of gator leather comes from hunting and trapping.

How Can You Identify Real Alligator Skin Leather?

Gator skin can be identified by these signs:

  • Umbilical scar: An elongated star-shaped scar found only on alligator skin leather.
  • Pliability: Alligator hide is softer and more pliable than other crocodilian leather.
  • Head bumps: They have a pattern of three pairs of two bumps on their heads, while caimans and crocodiles have rows of 4 bumps.
  • Belly scales: They also have a more irregular belly scale pattern than others, which holds dye well.

Do Gator Skin Leathers Have Any Disadvantages?

Alligator hide is among the most expensive types of exotic leather because of its elegance, versatility, looks, and durability.
The hinges between the tiles must be maintained and taken special care of to prevent cracking.

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